Who is Mary byrne?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mary byrne is a contestent on the x factor

she is in Louis over 28's category and originates from Ireland where she worked at a till at a super market.

Since being part of the X factor she has sung American anthems and songs by Tom Jones.

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Q: Who is Mary byrne?
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Mary Byrne was born in 1917.

When did Mary Byrne die?

Mary Byrne died in 2004.

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Mary Freeman Byrne was born in 1886.

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Mary Elizabeth Byrne was born on 1880-07-02.

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Mary Elizabeth Byrne died on 1931-01-19.

How old is Mary Byrne's daughter?

Deborah (Mary Byrne's daughter) is 23 years old (as of 2010).

How old is Mary Byrne from X Factor?

Mary Byrne is currently 50 (as of November 14 2010).

What is the birth name of Gay Byrne?

Gay Byrne's birth name is Gabriel Mary Byrne.

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Rose Byrne's birth name is Mary Rose Byrne.

When is Mary byrne's birthday?

Mary Byrne Is Born Between End Of October And Start Of November Which Makes Her Scoprio And She Is Born 1959