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Luann Stewart is Miley Stewart's cousin. Miley is convinced Luann is evil. Luann is played by Miley Cyrus in the episode "Torn Between Two Hannahs".

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2013-03-11 04:08:03
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Q: Who is Luann Stewart on Hannah Montana?
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If Miley plays Luann Stewart in Hannah Montana why does it say Mia Cyrus plays Luann Stewart?

It doesn't. Miley Cyrus is credited with playing Luann Stewart, as well as her usual roles of Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana.

What state is Miley Stewart's cousin Luanne from?

Miley Stewart's cousin, Luann Stewart, is from Tennessee. She only appeared in one episode of Hannah Montana, a season 1 episode titled Torn Between Two Hannah's.

How did Hannah Montana became Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus auditioned to play Miley Stewart and Stewart's alter ego Hannah Montana.

Who is Robby Ray Stewart?

He is Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart's dad in the TV-serie Hannah Montana.

Who is Hannah Montana living with?

Hannah Montana lives with her father: Robie Ray Stewart, and her brother: Jackson Stewart.

What role is Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana or Milley Stewart

Who are the parents of Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana was a television series by Disney. The character's parents were Susan Stewart and Robby Stewart.

What is the Main Characters in Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus

What is Hannah Montana's last name on the show?


Which actress played Miley Stewart in the TV series Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus played both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana throughout all four seasons of Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana Forever, as well as the film, Hannah Montana: The Movie. The series ended in January 2011.

In Hannah Montana season 4 is all of hannahs fans going to find out her biggest secret?

She might but what is her biggest secret ?? i think it's her Hannah Montana celebrity miley Stewart/Hannah Montana in the show/movie's Hannah Montana miley Cyrus plays miley Stewart (secretly Hannah Montana!)

Are Hannah and Montana different girls?

No, Hannah Montana is one girl. She is Miley Stewart normally but she is secretly a popstar and her name as a popstar is Hannah Montana.

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