Who is Lauren Rodia?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Robert Pattinson's exgirlfriend.

She can't be, he's not dating anyone!

Proof? By the way is he asexual?

he isn't dating anyone actually well he is but hes not at the same time like hes dating but not he might have gone on a date with her but that's like it.

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Q: Who is Lauren Rodia?
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Who is the girlfried if Robert Pattinson?

Lauren Rodia

Is Robert Pattinson currently dating Lauren Rodia?

No. He is currently single.

Would Robert Pattinson get married to anyone?

Maybe. His current girlfriend is Lauren Rodia, so look out, they might make it, or it could fall apart.

Does Robert Pattinson like any of his co-stars?

Robert said that Kristen Stewart is his celeb crush, but he's currently dating Lauren Rodia.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rodia-Estudiantina - 1963?

The cast of Rodia-Estudiantina - 1963 includes: Simon Rodia as himself

When was Carl M. Rodia born?

Carl M. Rodia was born in 1948.

When did Simon Rodia die?

Simon Rodia died on 1965-07-17.

What are the release dates for Rodia-Estudiantina - 1963?

Rodia-Estudiantina - 1963 was released on: USA: 1963

How many fiances does Robert Pattinson have?

NONE! He did propose to many people on the set of Twilight, as a joke, including Kristen Steward. Is is currently dating Lauren Rodia though, so maybe there is hope.

How long has Robert Pattinson and Lauren rodia been dating?

About three or four months. Certain sites are saying it was too complicated, and Robert ended it, as he was casted for the Twilight movie, but they are still going strong!

Who is Carl Rodia?

American businessman.

What is the name of the Rodian homeworld?