Who is Latoya Jackson?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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LaToya Jackson is one of the Jackson's, the fifth child of Joe and Katherine.

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Q: Who is Latoya Jackson?
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What is LaToya Jackson's birth name?

LaToya Jackson's birth name is La Toya Yvonne Jackson.

Did latoya Jackson go on total wipeout?

No Latoya Jackson did not go o total wipe out but some one called Latoya Jackson did go on total wipe out.

Does latoya Jackson have kids?


Who is Janet Jones brother?

Rebbie, LaToya and half sister Joh'Vonnie.

Was latoya Jackson at the memorial?


What is LaToya Jackson's birthday?

LeToya Luckett was born on March 11, 1981.

What are LaToya Jackson's kids names?

LaToya doesn't have any children.

Who is the youngest out of the Jackson family Michael or LaToya?

Michael, Michael is 50 and Latoya is 51

Are Janet Jackson and La Toya Jackson twins?

No LaToya was Michael Jackson's sister. Though they look similar, they are definitely not the same person!

What is latoya Jackson worth?

10 cents! (if that)

Bad Girl singer?

Latoya Jackson

Was LaToya Jackson born in Indiana?