Who is La Dra Rauni Kilde?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dr Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde is a Finnish best seller author in 6 languages since 1982(nothing in English yet)Retired after a bad car accident which happened in 1985 as chief medical officer of Lapland(area of 100000 sq.kilometers above the artic circle,Northen Finland) Has also worked as Director of Environmental Health and Health Education of Finland in Helsinki at the National Institute of Healthand in this capacity replaced Chief Medical Officer of Finland shortly,called Surgeon General in American English.Has been Govt.of Finlands representative in WHO ,worked as chief medical delegate in Indonesia and Malesia for the International Red Cross and has three medical specialities and has lived or worked in 10 countries,speaks 6 languages.Was president of Nursing College of Lapland,President of Junior Chamber of Commerce,Secretary of Security Council of Lapland,President of First Scandinavian Conference on Extraterrestial Intelligence and Human future,President and founder of Parapsychological Association of Lapland,Member of Advisory Board ofInternational Association for Near Death Studies USA ,Mufon consultant USA,Accet vicepresident,USA,Associate member of US psychotronic Association,President,Commodore of Sailing Club of Lapland(first female commodore in the world)UN parapsychology Society correspondent,UN silver medal,Citizens of Human Rights Abuse honorary diploma,columnist of Finnish oldest daily newspaper Uusi Suomi , member of board and chairman of Health Committee of Red Cross of Lapland ,member of The New York Academy of Sciences,Gold broach for Civil Defence as first woman,Finland.In American biographies Who is who in the world,who is who in medicine and healthcare,who is who in science and engineering.Published first article in a medical journal about out of body experiences and near death experiences and has sold over 250000 books dealing with parapsychology,ufolgy and mind control and conspiracy theories.Today an international lecturer,living in Norway,was married to a Norwegian diplomate.

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Q: Who is La Dra Rauni Kilde?
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