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Hank Baskett.

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Q: Who is Kendra Wilkinson's husband?
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What is kendra wilkinsons assistant name?


When is kendra wilkinsons second sextape coming out?

When u die

What is Kendra's husband name?


Does kendra's husband play football?


What age is kendra wilkson husband hank basket?


What does kendra wilkinson husband do for a living?

He is a NFL player for Colts.

Is kendra wilkinson a millionaire?

Kendra Wilkinson is a millionaire. Wilkinson and her husband are each worth more than six million dollars, making her a millionaire.

Who is little summer?

Brittany Byars, who was Kendra Wilkinsons Maid of Honour at here recent wedding and all grown up Very beautiful. She appears briefly in several of the Playboy Mansion episodes as Kendras friend.

Is Kendra wilkinson a gold digger?

Considering she is worth more than her husband, i guess not.

Is kendra wilkinson having a boy or a girl?

Kendra announced on her website that she is having a boy. That is going to be one handsome little dude!

What is the duration of The Wilkinsons TV series?

The duration of The Wilkinsons - TV series - is 1800.0 seconds.

Is wilkinsons a private limited company or a public limited company?

wilkinsons is a private limited company.