Who is Katherine Montes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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she used to be a model for ellite modeling egencies for kids but she started being out of the camara after she began school we have seen her in some shots but her mother has reconized the pap. to stop filming her but after all we also seen her in the summer in 2009 cruising in eroupe in the parts of Spain.filming a photo shoot for gap teens. and her second break threw she was in gap toddler one of her finest cuteness.

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Q: Who is Katherine Montes?
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When was Katherine Montes born?

Katherine Montes was born in Dominican Republic.

What is Katherine montes brothers name?

ricardo montes (ricky)

Who is ricardo montes sister name?

Katherine montes (kathy)

What movie and television projects has Katherine Montes been in?

Katherine Montes has: Performed in "La que se avecina" in 2007. Played Olga in "Los protegidos" in 2010. Played Julia in "Dominic: Light of the Church" in 2011. Played Sabrina in "La fuga" in 2012. Performed in "Con el culo al aire" in 2012. Played Gladys in "Maldito lunes" in 2013.

What actors and actresses appeared in Maldito lunes - 2013?

The cast of Maldito lunes - 2013 includes: Raquel Arcos as Olga Mauricio Bautista as Acosta Katherine Montes as Gladys

What is the birth name of Clara Montes?

Clara Montes's birth name is Clara Montes Gmir.

What is the birth name of Sandra Montes?

Sandra Montes's birth name is Sandra Montes Pombo.

What is the birth name of Gracia Montes?

Gracia Montes's birth name is Montes, Gracia Cabrera.

What is the birth name of Ramiro Montes?

Ramiro Montes's birth name is Ramiro Montes de Oca.

What is the birth name of Eduardo Montes Bradley?

Eduardo Montes Bradley's birth name is Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

What is the birth name of Lina Montes?

Lina Montes's birth name is Mart Montes de Oca, Esperanza.

When was Geisha Montes born?

Geisha Montes was born in 1987.