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I saw somewhere it was Sean Kingston and Willow Smith :) I'm going to the tour, so I hope it is! ox

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Q: Who is Justin biebers UK support act?
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Who is the suppoort act for justin biebers uk tour 2011?

Justin Bieber is touring in the UK at the end of 2010 and cardiff I'll be there ;D

Can a UK girl be in one of Justin Biebers videos?

why not!? :}

When is Justin Biebers album coiming out in the UK?

November 17

When does Justin Biebers book come out in the UK?

Hopefully never

Will Justin Biebers new album be released in UK?

Yes, his album is going to be released in the UK

When does Justin Biebers my world 2.0 come out in the UK?

no one knows ! lol!

When is Justin biebers perfume line coming out in the UK?

June 20th,2011

When does Justin biebers new song boyfriend come to itunes in the UK?

It should be already out..

When does Justin Biebers album come out in the UK?

It comes out on monday 18th January 2010

How many of Justin Biebers songs have made the top 100 in UK?

3one timeone less lonley girlbaby

When is Justin biebers album 'my world 2.0' out in the UK?

I don't know when it is available in stores but it is available from from 22nd March 2010

Who is the support act for Taylor swift's UK tour 2011?

I've heard that its going to be Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson, coz Justin bieber at the MEN, has a concert 7 days before Taylor swift, but also, Justin's a bit big to be a supporting act now, and that he was the supporting act for her last year, but im not sure, I've just heard that it might be Justin bieber and Cody Simpson :)