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From what I could gather from the last several minutes of the season finale, Julia Hewes was Patty Hewes' daughter, who died during or shortly after childbirth.

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Q: Who is Julia hewes on damages season finale?
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what happenned is this: 1. Patty Hewes managed to drop the charges against Allen and reopend the police investigation for the murder of david. 2. In return and as promised, Allen told Patty where the videotape of Gregory Mallina was - it was hidden inside the statue of liberty bookend which used to kill david. After getting the videotape, Patty used it to force Frobisher into a 2 billion dollars settlement, given that she never discloses the videotape to anyone - in order to pay the 2 billion dollars settlement Frobisher has to sell 93% of his holdings and property, living him with the land he wants to develop with plans to start allover. 3. after the settlement is reached patty forces Larry, frobisher's mole, to give up his share of the settlement otherwise she will tell the police about his abstruction with justice. 4. in his rage, Larry comes to meet frobisher on land he wants to develop and shoot him on sight. Frobisher is left bleeding and gasping for air on the ground. 5. Allen met with FBI agents who work with Holis Nye, who try to make her spy against Patty and help the FBI in an ongoing investigation against Patty hewes. At first Allen refuses but decides to help the FBI. 6. We find out that the guys who killed David did not make it to Patty's apartment on time and they were not the one who tried to kill Allen - It was Patty who tried to have Allen killed for fearing she is too weak and will compromise the Patty's blackmail that made Ray fisk kill himself. We find out that it was Uncle Pete who arranged the attempt on Allen's life. 7. finaly, Allen talks to Patty and accepts her suggestion to return to the officeknowing that Patty is the one to tried to kill her.

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