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Q: Who is Juan Manuel Marquez married to?
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Who is the toughest opponent of manny pacquiao?

Juan manuel Marquez

Who was Juan Manuel Marquez first fight?

Javier Duran

Who did Floyd Mayweather fight before Shane Mosley?

Juan Manuel Marquez

Who did mayweather fight with last in boxing?

juan manuel marquez, who he beat on points in September

Is Floyde mayweather JR coming out of retirement?

He came out of retirement to fight Juan Manuel Marquez on 19th September 2009.

What is Juan Manuel Marquez most noted for?

Juan Manual Marquez is known for being a Mexican boxer. He is also a former WBO light-welterweight champion. Ring Magazine currently ranks Juan Manual Marquez as the 3rd best boxer in the world in terms of pound-for-pound boxing. He is also number one in the junior welterweight division, too.

Who defeated Juan Manuel Marquez?

Javier Duran, Freddie Norwood, Chris John, Manny Pacquiao 2x and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Who will be Many Pacquaio's next opponent?

manny will probably fight mayweather jr next if mayweather wins his bout between juan manuel marquez

What is the birth name of Manuel de Juan?

Manuel de Juan's birth name is Manuel de Juan Guillot.

What is the birth name of Juan Manuel Canal?

Juan Manuel Canal's birth name is Juan Manuel Canal Bohrquez.

What is the birth name of Juan Manuel Sueiro?

Juan Manuel Sueiro's birth name is Juan Manuel Pinzs Sueiro.

What is the birth name of Juan Manuel Soriano?

Juan Manuel Soriano's birth name is Juan Manuel Soriano Ruiz.