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George and Teri Pearson. George and his wife Teri Copeland is the pastors of Eagle Mountain International Church. Teri Jeremy's mother is the first child of Kenneth Copeland.

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Q: Who is Jeremy Pearson's parents?
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How is Jeremy Pearsons related to Kenneth copeland?

Jeremy Pearsons is Kenneth Copeland's grandson.

When did Jeremy Pearson divorce?

Jeremy Pearsons' divorce with Amy Cranmer Pearsons was final in May of 2006. Jeremy married Sarah Pearsons on September 1, 2007.

How old is Jeremy Pearsons?

Jeremy Pearsons of Kenneth Copeland Ministries is 35 years old (born 1979).

Who is married to Jeremy Pearsons?

Sara Sara

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When did Jeremy Pearsons marry Amy Cranmer?

October 19, 2002

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Why did Jeremy Pearsons get a divorce?

Jeremy Pearsons, a speaker and outreach minister of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, divorced his first wife, Amy Cranmer Pearsons, in May of 2006. Following the divorce, Amy posted a message, dated May 28, 2006, to her MySpace page in which she alleged that Jeremy had been physically and emotionally abusive during much of the marriage. The abuse, according to Amy, was a regular occurrence and often resulted in bruises. Amy said she reported the abuse to Jeremy's family, most of whom occupy prominent positions within Kenneth Copeland Ministries, but that they did nothing to stop Jeremy's abuse. Instead, she observed, that throughout the divorce he was given prominent preaching assignments including televised sermons in which he dispensed marriage and relationship advice. Jeremy remarried about one and half years later on September 1, 2007. His new wife is named Sarah Hart Pearsons. She is a worship leader and speaker.

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