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Zac Efron? Matthew Perry?

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Katerina Graham(Kat Graham)

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The friebd

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Q: Who is Jamie on the movie 17 again?
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Is ashely tistalde in 17 again?

No she is not in that movie.

What genre is the movie 17 again?


17 again Disney?

This is a movie by Disney.

Who did Shailene Woodley play in 17 Again?

The movie, 17 Again, was released in theaters in April 2009. The main star of the movie was Zac Efron. Shailene Woodley did not appear in the movie.

Where can you watch the movie 17 again?

You can watch the Street Dreams 2009 movie online for free at :

When is Zac Efron's next movie?

17 Again

What movie does Zac Efron play?

17 Again

Can you still see the movie 17 Again?


Is Michelle Trachtenberg in the movie 17 again?

Yes she is in the movie, she plays the daughter.

Is 17 again again PG?

no. the movie 17 again with Zac Efron in it is PG-13 for teen partying, language, and some sexual references

What certificate is 17 again?

the certificate for the movie with zac efron in called '' 17 again '' is pg 13 in America which is 12 in the UK .

The movie 17again what is the age group?

i believe that the movie 17 again is pg rated.