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Eric Green; played by Kenneth Mitchell

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Q: Who is Jake's brother on Jericho tv show?
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Is the tv show Jericho coming back?

Yeah Jericho is coming Back i think its coming in June.

When Is the tv show Jericho coming back?

It isn't. Somebody at CBS got stupid and cancelled it.

When did Jericho - TV series - end?

CBS decided to cancel it due to persistently low ratings. The show's dedicated fans wrote and protested, but there were not enough viewers to persuade the network to keep the show going.

What happend to shaun Michaels eye?

he got thrown into the tv screen on chris jericho's last jerichololics show

What is the duration of Jericho TV series?

The duration of Jericho - TV series - is 2580.0 seconds.

Will there ever be a Brother Bear TV show?


When was Jericho - TV series - created?

Jericho - TV series - was created on 2006-09-20.

What show does Debby ryans brother star in?

he stars in the tv show the walking dead

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Stymy's brother

What kind of TV show is Pinoy Big Brother?

Pinoy Big Brother is a reality television show. The show places twelve Filipino people in the same residence, where essentially every word and action is caught on camera.

When did Jericho - UK TV series - end?

Jericho - UK TV series - ended on 2005-11-06.

When was Jericho - UK TV series - created?

Jericho - UK TV series - was created on 2005-10-16.