Who is Jack Swagger's Dad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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scotty 2 hotty

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Q: Who is Jack Swagger's Dad?
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Who is jack swaggers girl friend?


What is jack swaggers finisher?

power bomb

When is Jack Swaggers birthday?

March 24, 1982

Which is the name of jack swaggers girlfriend?

Catalina White

Name of jack swaggers gilfriend?

i dont think he has 1. look it up

How do you unlock jack swaggers attires in WWE smackdown vs raw 2011?

you can unlock jack swaggar by playing rey mysterio RTWM

Who sings jack swaggers song?

AGE Against The Machine (A Tribute Band to Rage Against The Machine)

Who sings jack swaggers entrance song in the WWE?

His theme song is called Get on your knees by Age Against The Machine

Who is better jack swager or dolph ziggler?

dolph ziggler is better because he beat randy orton but jack never did dolphs overall for wwe 12 is 87 but jack swaggers is 84

What is Jack's dad's name in the heir trilogy?

Jack's dad's name is Thomas Swift.

What are the names of the guys on secret life?

Ben, Ricky, Tom, Grant, Griffin, Jack, baby John, Amy's Dad, Adrian's Dad, Grace's Dad, Ben's Dad, Ricky's Dad, Jack's Dad

When isjack swaggers birthday?

He was born on March 24, 1982