Who is Hinata's mother?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hinata has a mother, everyone does. The Anime hasn't mention her by chance. But she was shown in a family picture.

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she doesnt have one shes dead:(

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Q: Who is Hinata's mother?
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Who was Hinatas mother?

She was never mention she probably died giving birth to hinabi.

Will Naruto and Hinatas love survive?

Currently there is just Hinatas love, so wait and see

Who are Hinatas parents?

Hiashi Hyūga the Hyūga clan leader her mother's name is unknown but there is a picture of her here

Who is hanabi?

Hanabi is Hinatas little sister

Who does Hinatas teacher love?

kurinai loves asuma and in shippuden they get married.

In which episode does Naruto realize Hinatas feelings?

Shippuden episode 166

Where is Hinatas father when pein attacks?

he woz on Holiday with hinata's sister, Hanabi.

What color is Hinatas hair in Naruto?

I would say a mix of blue and black.

Does Hinatas dad hate Naruto?

No i dont think he really cares right now.

In naruto what is Hinatas element?

Hinata's element is water.

How do you unlock Hinata's sister in Naruto Broken Bond?

hinatas sister and hinata are not in broken bond

Does narutos 4 tails crush Hinatas body?

No. Hinata wasn't harmed by Naruto during the Pein fight.