Who is Helen Gedlu?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Helen Gedlu is a back-up dancer for artist such as Chris Brown, Omarion, and Pleasure P. She once attended the Scream Tour with Omarion (she was his dancer at the time). Helen once dated R&B singer Trey Songz. They broke up somewhere in the moth of June in '08. They were NEVER engaged. That was a HUGE rumor that the couple both denied.

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Q: Who is Helen Gedlu?
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Is Helen Gedlu Spanish?

No, Helen Gedlu is not Spanish.Specifically, the professional dancer is of Ethiopiandescent. But she was born in San José, California on April 30, 1985. As with the case of her younger siblings Betty and Yonas, Helen Gedlu is an American citizen.

Why did trey songz and Helen gedlu break up?

he cheated on her

Did Trey Songz have a girlfriend?

Yeah he had a girlfriend named Helen Gedlu but they broke up.

Who is the main chick in the trey songz video already taken?

It was his ex girlfriend Helen Gedlu

What is trey songz girlfriend name?

Trey songs ex girlfriend is named Helen Gedlu

What is Helen Gedlu's birth date?

April 30,1985 is the birthdate that is listed for Helen Gedlu.Specifically, Helen Gedlu is of Ethiopian descent even though she was born in San José, California. She is the older sister of Betty and Yonas Gedlu. She is a dancer who includes among her personal/professional relationships one with Trey Songz (b. November 28, 1984), Soul, R&B and Hip Hop singer/songwriter, record producer and actor.

What actors and actresses appeared in An Ethiopian Love - 2014?

The cast of An Ethiopian Love - 2014 includes: Helen Gedlu Syed Mufeez Bukhari Yonatan Solomon Augisha Tesfasilase Jonathan Woldaub

Where was Helen Gedlu born?

San José, California is the birthplace of Helen Gedlu.Specifically, the professional dancer was born on April 30, 1985. She is an American citizen of Ethiopian descent. Her siblings include her younger sister Betty and younger brother Yonas. She includes among her personal/professional relationships one of several years with Trey Songz (b. November 28, 1984), Hip Hop-, R&B- and Soul-singer/songwriter, record producer and actor.

Trey songz girlfriend?

It was Helen Gedlu but they aren't together anymore, her myspace is

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