Who is Hayate Gekko?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hayate is the examier of the pelimenary rounds in the chunin is rumored that Udon is his son because they are always sick

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Q: Who is Hayate Gekko?
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What does hayate's name mean?

Hayate means quick as the wind/hurricane and Gekko (his last name) means moonlight.

Who killed hayate gekko?

Some guy named Baki he works for Kabuto

What is the ANBU member with the purple hair's name?

The ANBU you are talking about is Yugao Uzuki, the lover of Hayate Gekko, a leaf Jonin.

What Naruto episode did Hayate Gekko die?

I am thinking that it is Naruto episode 79 the last episode of 4th season.

What make hayate and hinagiku perfect?

hey because they like each other a lot and i think they are the best couple in hayate i love hina and hayate together .......................wish i were hayate............

Who is genma in Naruto?

Genma is the replacement proctor for the third part of the chuning exam, since Hayate Gekko dies. He has brown hair, wears his forehead protector backward, also his trademark is the senbon (Toothpick) he always in his mouth.

In hayate the combat butler who is maria's crush?

Tottaly hayate

When was Hayate - train - created?

Hayate - train - was created in 2002.

When did Ninja Hayate happen?

Ninja Hayate happened in 1984.

When was Ninja Hayate created?

Ninja Hayate was created in 1984.

In Naruto who does hayate like?

Hayate's lover is Yugao Uzuki

Hayate the Combat Butler girl hayate end up?