Who is Hannah Bunce Watson?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hannah Watson is a Jamaican and pamaian girl and she is a freshman in parkland high school and she likes to get around alot she goes to clubs, and party and she always like to get around. hehe Hannah Watson like boys and plus boys who are hot she will date cute white boys, cute Spanish boys and cute black boys (but the black boys must have swag) lol she has many friends in school she get around with everybody that is if she likes you if she don't like you then tough luck cuz she will make you life a living hell trust me. If you called her any names or talk sh*t about her you are going to get a beat down. hehe Hannah Watson nickname the one i will call her is player cuz he will have one boyfriend the next and five them next time you will see her and she never gets dumped she will always dumped you. after all i just say about Hannah she is my best friend and she is really nice if you just get to know her :) she is friendly and kind sometimes she will hate you and sometime she will just get over it like she always does.....that is all i have to say about Hannah Watson wait i have one more thing 2 say before i go DONT MESS WIT HANNAH WATSON...hahehe bye

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Q: Who is Hannah Bunce Watson?
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