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by way of our research guadalupe perez of bakersfield calif. is a 22 year old woman who is planning to marry italian businessman sean c. ellis jr. ellis is a very wealthy and successful business who owns among other things a worldwide luxury private island resort corp. and several other business investments. we are not able to determine how ellis met perez but sources tell us they are engaged to marry in italy in the near future. neither perez or ellis has been married before our records indicate. ellis is the son of mega rich business tycoon sean c. ellis sr also of italy.

our records also indicate perez and ellis recently were involved in a court action against christina applegate of malibu California which was apparantly settled out of court. we believe perez is traveling with ellis who travels worldwide extensively to oversee businesses he owns and he also has homes in italy,Switzerland,france, the fiji islands and malibu beach calif. through a research of international records we have determined that perez is listed as a vice president of the luxury resort corporation which ellis controls.

ellis is known to travel with many very gorgeous females which all work for him and for perez. also, ellis has 4 sisters which are also listed as vice presidents of the resort corporation . ms.perez is listed on the corporate records which are filed with the italian government as vice president of specialty services.

we do know that recently ellis has been at his home in malibu beach calif and probably perez would have been with him.

our research also has determined that ms. perez has family living in bakersfied calif. we do not know if she actually lives in bakersfield,but we believe through our sources she is living with ellis at one or more of his homes.

recent review of property records do show ellis recently made a change of ownership of his malibu home out of his name into the name of one of his corporations he owns which is called rama real estate holding corporation,a cayman islands registered corporation. we are unable at this time to determine if perez is an owner of that corporation along with ellis.

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Q: Who is Guadalupe Perez of Bakersfield Calif?
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Who is Guadalupe Perez of Bakersfield California?

through extensive research we have determined that guadalupe perez of bakersfield california is a 22 year old woman who is engaged to marry wealthy italian businessman sean c. ellis jr. who resides in milan italy where his main business office is located. ellis owns a worldwide large private island resort business as well as severl other businesses he controls worldwide. his father is mega rich sean c. ellis sr. also of milan italy who owns and controls almost 200 worldwide businesses. our research has indicated that perez and ellis jr. brought court actions filed in los angeles county courts against actress christina applegate which was later dismissed by perez and ellis. we also have determined that perez is probably traveling with and living with ellis who travels extensively worldwide to check on his business holdings. recently we had information he has been at a home in malibu calif.he owns on the ocean and we assume perez is there with him. we also have information that perez has family in bakersfield calif. where she comes from.

Who is Sean c Ellis marrying?

we have researched much information,especially in the california area where it has been reported to us that sean c. ellis italian business executive, is going to marry a girl from california. we have found court records which reflect his name,sean c. ellis and a guadalupe perez of bakersfield california. these papers have been filed in the county where sean c. ellis owns a home. these documents are a restraining order baring a christina applegate of malibu california from coming in contact with sean c. ellis and or with guadalupe perez. these come from public information records . we have talked to our sources in that area and it appears that this guadalupe perez of bakersfield california is in fact the woman sean c. ellis is going with and is planning to marry. additional research of united states public records indicate that guadalupe perez of bakersfield cal. has applied and has been issued a passport under her name to travel to milan italy which is also where mr. ellis has a home and his main business office facility. we have further determined that ms. perez is 22 years of age,single, with no apparant children. sources who know sean ellis have informed us that he is now staying at his malibu home and it could be assumed that ms. perez may be with him.

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this is a difficult question to answer. the 33 year old multi millionaire businessman from italy is an extremely private man and very difficult to pin down to anything. in a recent media interview he had in bakersfield calif. he was asked this by one of the reporters and when asked ellis replied" home is where the heart is", and said no more! our research indicates he has homes in malibu beach calif, switzerland, italy, and other locations. we do not where he currently is except that he did the bakersfield interview very recently. ellis seems to move around alot. we have checked with hotels in bakersfield calif but we could not locate him. but, he could have rooms there at a hotel but registered under the name of one of his many corportions he owns. our sources in bakersfield claim he has recently been spoted in one of his limos there parked by restaurants and retail stores. he has also been spoted in bakersfield riding his motorcycle around the community. in previous research we have determined that ellis has a fiance' who lives in bakersfield, but we do not know if she is actually traveling with him at this time.

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