Who is Georgia Lock?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Georgia lock is a English actress and is known for the star of Sadie J- a comedy programme on cbbc- childrens bbc- kids tv. She is 15 In real life

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Q: Who is Georgia Lock?
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When is Georgia locks birthday?

Georgia Lock's birthday is on the 25 October

How tall is actress Georgia lock?

Georgia is 5 ft 6

Does Georgia Lock have any tattoos?


How tall is georgia lock?

18ft 6in

Who plays sadie in sadie j?

Georgia Lock

What is sadie j real name?

Georgia lock

What town does Georgia lock live in?

Buckingamshire uk

Where does Georgia lock live?

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Does georgia lock have a boyfriend?

As a private individual, Georgia Lock's relationship status is not public information. It is important to respect her privacy in matters relating to her personal life.

Is it illegal to own lock picks in geogia?

No, it is not illegal to own lock picks in Georgia - or any other state for that matter.

Is your husband allowed to lock you out of your house in Georgia?

No, because it is both of your homes.

What age is Georgia lock?

she was born in 1996, So now, in 2012 she is 16