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Q: Who is Freddy Kempf married to?
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When was Freddy Kempf born?

Freddy Kempf was born in 1977.

Were does Freddy Kempf live?


Are Freddy kempf and Wilhelm kempf related?

Not, of course. Look at the dates and the nationailties...

How tall is Joseph Kempf?

Joseph Kempf is 6'.

When was Starr Kempf born?

Starr Kempf was born in 1917.

When did Paul Kempf die?

Paul Kempf died in 1920.

When was Paul Kempf born?

Paul Kempf was born in 1856.

When was Hippolyt Kempf born?

Hippolyt Kempf was born in 1965.

When was Franz Kempf born?

Franz Kempf was born in 1926.

When did George Kempf die?

George Kempf died in 2002.

When was George Kempf born?

George Kempf was born in 1944.

How tall is Arno Kempf?

Arno Kempf is 183 cm.