Who is Eminems dad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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His name is Marshall Bruce Mathers the 2nd

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only he knows. not even eminem's mother knows

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Marshall Bruce Mathers II (the second)

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Q: Who is Eminems dad?
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Who is eminems real dad?

Marshall Bruce Mathers II

What was eminems dad called?

His father is Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr.

Where is Eminem's dad?

Eminems dad had died 3 years back because of drug overdose

What is eminems song about his dad raping him called?

In the song "Insane" off of Relapse Eminem says that he was raped by his step-father

What is eminems favroite food?

his fave food is eminems the ones with peanuts

What are eminems kids names?

eminems has one kid named Hailie and shes a girl

What is Eminem aim?

eminems aim really is ymabruce878 trust mee

Who is lonnie to eminem?

Lanie is eminems daughter he has lanie and hailie both 15 or 16

What is eminems new CD?


Who was eminems mom?

Debbie Mathers

What is the name of eminems daghter?


What is Eminems saddest song?