Who is Emily in twilight?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Emily Young is Sam Uley's Fiance.

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Q: Who is Emily in twilight?
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Does Emily Osment like The Twilight Saga?

Yes, Emily Osment loves Twilight.

What is the character of Emily Browning in the Twilight movie?

Emily Browning isn't in the Twilight movie.

Is Emily Young in the Twilight Saga gay?

The character, Emily Young, in the Twilight Saga, is not a lesbian.

What is sam's fiance' called in twilight?

Sam Uley's fiancée in the Twilight series is named Emily Young.

Who is Sam's fiancee in Twilight?


How old is Emily Young in twilight?

In the Twilight series, Emily Young is in her mid-twenties. She is in a relationship with Sam Uley, who is her childhood sweetheart.

Who is Sam's fiance in Twilight?

Emily Young

Who is sams wife in twilight?

Sam's fiance is called Emily. they are not married yet. :)

Who did Emily browning play in twilight?

Emily Browning Hasn't ever been on the teenage film, Twilight. All though rumor has it that she once dated Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen in the Twilight films).

Who is Emily to Stephenie Meyer and in the twilight book?

Emily Young is a character in the Twilight Series. She is Sam Uley's (leader of the wolf pack) love and Leah Clearwater's cousin.

In Twilight saga Who is Sam engaged to?

Sam in engaged to Emily.

Who did Stephenie Meyer dedicate twilight to?

Her big sister Emily