Who is Elsie Enchanted?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Elsie Enchanted is a site model on MySpace. "Her" page is used as an example of how you can arrange your own MySpace.

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Q: Who is Elsie Enchanted?
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What is Elsie Enchanted's Middle Name?

Elsie Brenna Brooklyn Jasmine Taylor

What is elsie enchanted's last name?

Elsie Enchanteds Last Names Milano

How old is Elsie Enchanted?

23 Years Old

When was enchanted elsie born?

November 11 !993

Is teasing your hair like Elsie Enchanted dangerous?

Yes cause you tangle your hair.

Who is a Good Site model?

Elsie Enchanted, Taylor Bebop and Zoe Kimball are my favorites, but there are a lot more.

What nicknames did Elsie Janis go by?

Elsie Janis went by Little Elsie.

How do you spell Elsie in greek?


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What is the birth name of Elsie Janis?

Elsie Janis's birth name is Elsie Bierbower.

What is the birth name of Lily Elsie?

Lily Elsie's birth name is Elsie Cotton.

What is the birth name of Elsie Duane?

Elsie Duane's birth name is Nichols, Elsie.