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B/c he defeated a force of more than 800 british troops.

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Q: Who is Elijah Clarke and why is he important?
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Why was Elijah Clarke an important person of the American Revolution?

Elijah Clarek is important to american revolution because she defeated the British.

When did Elijah Clarke die?

Elijah Clarke died in 1799.

What has the author Elijah Clarke written?

Elijah Clarke has written: 'Deposition of Gen. Elijah Clark of the state of Georgia' -- subject(s): Impeachment

Who was Elijah clarke in Revolutionary War?

Elijah Clarke joined the Patriot Militia and Served under Andrew Pickens

Who saved Elijah Clarke that was in the revolutionary war?

Austin Dabney saved Elijah Clarke's life in the battle of kettle creek

Was Elijah Clarke a loyalist or a patriot?


Was Elijah Clarke a patriot or a loyalist?


Who was Elijah Clarke?

Elijah Clark served in the Georgia Militia during the American Revolution.

Battle of kettle creek Elijah clarke Austin dabney?

Austin Dabney- only slave to fight in Revolutionary war Elijah Clarke- led miltia

What roles did Elijah clarke and Austin dabney play in the revolutionary war?

Elijah Clarke was the Colonel of the rebel militia and Austin Dabney was a soldier for the rebel militia.

What role did Elijah Clarke played in the American Revolution?

Elijah Clarke's name appears on a petition in the support of the king in 1744. He was also one of the heroes of the America revolution.Elijah Clarke's involvement of the Americas revolution was to make fairness in his country and to fight for his family

Who commander of Georgia forces at the battle of kettle creek?

Elijah Clarke