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If you really want to know you have to know El DeBarge! LOL~ Smiley face

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Q: Who is El debarge's new girlfriend?
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What is Monique Debarge nationality?

She is El DeBarges estranged wife.

When was The DeBarges created?

The DeBarges was created in 1980.

Who is Monica El DeBarges children mother?

Monica El DeBarge has three children, but it is not publicly confirmed who their mothers are as she keeps her personal life private.

Who are the mothers of El DeBarge's children?

In order: Ex-Girlfriend, name unknown - one daughter, Adris (born when El was 17) First Wife, Bobbi - one son, El Debarge, Jr. Second Wife, Tracey Ferguson - two children, Joshua and Kendall, adopted by Tracey's 2nd husband Third Wife, Monique - four children, one step-child : daughters Jordan, Bobbie, Kennedy, son Zacariah. adopted son Tanen by Monique's ex-boyfriend. Ex-girlfriend Monica - twin boys: Nicholas and Noah Ex-Girlfriend-Melody Robinson (adopted)

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What is the ISBN of The New Girlfriend?

The ISBN of The New Girlfriend is 0091620201.

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Where do the Debarges Live?

El Debarge is currently in California State Prison on a drug possesion charge. Bobby Debarge died of AIDS in 1995 The other members of the group (Bunny, Mark, Randy and James) are retried from the music business and live in their home town of Grand Rapids Michigan.

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When was The New Girlfriend created?

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