Who is Edward P De Berri?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He is a Roman Catholic theologian and social worker. He's one of those people who quietly walks the walk, so it's a surprise to see him mentioned on the web, as it's usually the people who do their charity in front of cameras and reporters who are. Interestingly, his grandfather, Gus, was one of the original phone company employees working under Alexander Graham Bell.

Edward P Deberri is a great teacher, who challenges his students. He is probably the best middle school teacher in the U.S. He challenges his students, and sets us ahead of the competition. Let me tell you, with me being an a+ student in every class, taking honors classes two grades ahead of me, barely skidding by with an a he is doing a great job as a teacher.
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Q: Who is Edward P De Berri?
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