Who is Eban Brown?

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He is a World Class Guitarist/Composer. Born Harold Eban Brown, June 14, 1972 in Newark, New Jersey. Ebanexhibited a gift for music at an exceptionally early age, spurred on by strong family structure and a firm belief in God. Eban Brown began his interest in studying Jazz Guitar with the influences of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Larry Carlton, Grant Geissman, and Bobby Caldwell while playing guitar and singing with several gospel groups at age seven. It was during elementary school that the young Jazz Guitarist and Vocalist (Eban Brown)realized another gift -- that of songwriter. In 1991, Eban Brown became the lead vocalist for his idol artist group RAY, GOODMAN & BROWN (formerly known as THE MOMENTS.). Although, he was originally supposed to sign on as the group's guitarist, he was instantly moved to the frontline singing with his idol group instead. He continued to perform with the group for 2 ½ years before becoming a member of the one time Grammy-Award winning group, THE MANHATTANS, featuring Gerald Alston and Blue Lovett for a reunion. His stay was very short-lived due to future accomplishments. In 1993, Eban became the lead vocalist of the DELFONICS and is the first lead vocalist of THE DELFONICS inducted into the 98.7 KISS FM HALL OF FAME, in New York City. In 1996 in Atlanta, he received a NAACP award for his accomplishments also as lead vocalist of THEDELFONICS. Eban Brown has dazzled fans overseas, as well as the United States as lead vocalist for THEDELFONICS, which featured Wilbert Hart and Major Harris and with THE DELFONICS in 1995, Eban recorded a live album entitled "Wil Hart and THE DELFONICS live in Chattanooga, Tennessee" which was considered one of the group's most treasured recordings. In Mid-1998, due to adversity with the music business, Brown departed to another field and to structure family life before striking success again. In April 2000, with un-anticipation, Brown became the lead vocalist of the world-renowned THE STYLISTICS, following Mr. Russell Thompkins, Jr. (the original lead vocalist). As it stands, Eban is the youngest Classic Soul recording artist in the history of Classic Soul music. In 1994, Eban Brown also produced two songs for Rap artist Rob Base, on the album "Break of Dawn", which featured the DELFONICS. The two songs were "Are You With Me", and "Chillin'. In 2002, Eban formed Stardom Records with his first solo album release, entitled "Master Suite"(a Jazz/Pop masterpiece with an amazing Acoustic Guitar feel). Since then, one of Eban's many endeavors is to continue to record original music that people will enjoy listening to, as well as; writing music for other artists. In July 2004, came Eban's second album release entitled "Restless Soul" (which is highly influenced by Pop with Jazz overtones). In 2006, Eban released his third album entitled "Exit 15" (a collection of 10 selections -- 5 are originals and the other 5 are remakes) that mark some of the greatest songs he always vowed he'd record. In 2008, Eban teamed up with Rap Superstar "NAS" on a song called "Can't Stop Us Now" which is a Sample of "Message To A Black Man" from a 70's Group "The Whatnauts". In 2009, Eban released his first all Instrumental album entitled "DETERMINISM" which features his sister Lisa Brown for the first time on vocals.

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