Who is Dr Yuri Petrov?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A famous Oil Merchant from the UK worth about 18 million dollars. He passed away sadly in 2001. He is survived by his wife, Ms. Carlow Charles.

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Q: Who is Dr Yuri Petrov?
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What is the birth name of Yuri Petrov?

Yuri Petrov's birth name is Petrov, Yuri Aleksandrovich.

When was Yuri Abramov born?

Yuri Chekov was born in 1977, in Budapest, Hungary.

Who was Yuri zhivago?

Yuri Zhivago is the main character of Pasternaks novel: Dr Zhivago, in English translation.

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What was Dr Zhivago's first name?

His name was Yuri.

What is the birth name of Alexo Petrov?

Alexo Petrov's birth name is Aleksandar Petrov.

What is the birth name of Anatoliy Petrov?

Anatoliy Petrov's birth name is Anatoliy Alekseevich Petrov.

What is the birth name of Ivaylo Petrov?

Ivaylo Petrov's birth name is Prodan Petrov Kyuchukov..

How is martin petrov and stylan petrov related?

They arent related

When was Vadim Petrov born?

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When was Valeri Petrov born?

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When did Alexander Petrov die?

Alexander Petrov died in 1867.