Who is Dido's husband?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Dido's husband's name is Sychaeus.

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yes she is. met her husband. bit of a gayboy.

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Q: Who is Dido's husband?
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Who is didos husband in greek mythology?

Sychaeus (or Acerbas who married Elisa, another name for Dido), and later Aeneas

What is Didos reaction when Aeneas discovers her in the underworld?

Dido lives in the Underworld with her husband Sychaeus. Aeneas tries to talk to her, but she does not look at him.

Is Simon le bon didos brother?

he is not.

Who was deserted by Aeneas and committed suicide?


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Sol Camphell i guess. He plays for England

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What is didos Date of Birth?

Dido's date of birth is 25th December 1971. Because her birthday is on Christmas Day, she also celebrates an "official birthday" on 25 June, following the example of Paddington Bear.

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