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It use to be Selena Gomez until she started hanging out with Taylor Swift. they had a massive fight and why is because of when an interviewer asked demi hows selena and demi responded "why dont you ask taylor" so they are no longer bffs its mostly joe jonas and Miley Cyrus who is demis bff they are always with demi especially Joe
britny spears
Demi is very good friends with Taylor Swift for sure, but I'd say her BFF is Selena Gomez though they are both on the road so it is sort of a long distance friendship.Emma Herdman and her little sister Julia Herdman.Emma and demi meet my Selena. Emma and Selena were best friend and Emma went to her barney and friend aduction and demi Emma and Selena became bffs. Demi Selena and Emma used to babysit emmas litle sister Julia Herdma who is now 12 years old. Julia and Emma are Miley Cyrus cousins. And demi and Selena's bffs and allways will be demi said in an interview once.
Selena Gomez was her best friend but there were fighting a lot so they decided Selena could have Taylor swift and Demi could have Kim kardshian
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Her best friends are Selena Gomez, Jonas brothers, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Tiffany Thornton,Sterling Knight, Brandon Mychal Smith, Doug Brochu, And Allisyn Ashly Arm.

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Selena Gomez

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Q: Who is Demi Lovatos best friend?
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