Who is Claude Glenn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A man who married Bessie Coleman in 1917, but was never mentioned to Bessie's family, and never lived with her.

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Q: Who is Claude Glenn?
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Who did Coleman marry?

Claude Glenn

Who did bessie colman marry?

Claude Glenn

Who did Bessie Coleman get married to?

Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman married Claude Glenn

When did Bessie colemen get married?

Bessie Coleman married Claude Glenn in 1917.

What was claude glenn's job?

Claude Glenn was an African American farmer and civil rights activist in North Carolina. He was involved in the Civil Rights Movement, working to desegregate public facilities and improve living conditions for African Americans in his community.

What music did Glenn Gould perform by Richard Strauss?

Glenn Gould made recordings of Richard Strauss's Piano Pieces, Op. 3, the Piano Sonata, Op. 5, and the piano part in the Ophelia-Lieder, accompanying Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, and the spoken melodrama, Enoch Arden, with Claude Rains.

Did Bessie Coleman have kids?

No, Bessie Coleman didn’t have child because she died when she’s 34. Also, she and her husband separated from each other early, so she didn’t have child.

What is the meaning of the name Glenn?

The meaning of the name Glenn is: From the Wooded Valley It is Scottish. Famous Glenn's - Glenn Close, Glenn Gould, and John Glenn.

Who is Claude of Casablanca?

Claude Rains Claude Rains

Does lexi Cyrus have any brothers and sisters?

yup, their names are Charlie Glenn, Jake Glenn, David Glenn, Phillip Glenn, Phyllis Glenn, and Katie Glenn.

Who is tyler glenn's father?

Tyler Glenn's father is Dave Glenn.

Who were claude monet parents?

Claude Monet's dad was Claude-Adolphe and Claude Monet's mother was Louise-Justine Aubrée Monet. Claude's father ran a grocery business.