Who is Carmen Luvana?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Carmen Luvana is a Puerto Rican porn star.

Born in Brooklyn, New York on August 23rd, Luvana's family moved to Puerto Rico when she was 5.She moved to Miami, Florida, at the age of 18 and got her start as a dancer in Miami strip clubs.

Luvana entered the porn industry in 2001. Her first hardcore appearance was in More Dirty Debutantes #211. She was initially a contract girl with Digital Sin/New Sensations,but is now with Adam & Eve Sex Toys sister company Adam & Eve Pictures.

Luvana did not do anal sex on camera initially, saying that she would not do anything she was not comfortable with. After doing it in her private life and finding that she liked it, she proceeded to do it for the first time on film in the movie The Perfect Secretary.

On June 15, 2006, Luvana won the Howard Stern Pornstar Beauty Pageant, beating Taylor Wane and Taryn Thomas for the crown.

In December 2007, Luvana announced that 2008 would be her last year performing in adult films, saying that after six years in the industry "I do not want to be known [as] the girl [fans] are tired of seeing and that has been in the industry way too long."

She currently resides in Florida, flying out to where the films are being made.

She has stated that she is bisexual.

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Q: Who is Carmen Luvana?
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