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Bertram was Peter's son & Stewie, Chris & Meg's half-brother... however only Stewie (& Brian) knew he existed and neither Stewie nor Bertram knew they were actually related.

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Bertram on Family Guy is voiced by Wallace Michael Shawn.

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Q: Who is Bertram on Family Guy?
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In which Family Guy episode is Bertram born?

Sibling Rivalry

Who the football head in family guy?

Assuming the translation of this question is... Who (has) the football (shaped) head in Family Guy... the answer is Stewie and Bertram.

What does Bertram's mother do for a living on Family Guy?

One of the women was Meg's gym teacher from an earlier episode.

Which characters are brothers on Family Guy?

Chris & Stewie. They are also half-brothers of Bertram (Deceased).Cleveland & Broderick

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How do you defeat Bertram in Family Guy Video Game?

According to the Internet...Shoot his feet and when he starts hopping, go to one of the jungle gymsOn the left or right and use the grapples to get up to the top.Repeat three times to defeat him.

How is family guy filmed?

Family guy is not filmed. Family guy is animated

On Family Guy What is the first name of Peter's evil twin brother?

Yes. Peter Junior, although Peter killed him through shaken baby syndrome.Also, and even though he's unaware of it, Bertram was his son as a result of his donation to a sperm bank.

Who is Bertram from family guy?

Bertram is an unborn sperm who meets Stewie and tries to kill him when Stewie attempts to kill Peter's sperm (eventually they become friends). Eventually his sperm is donated to a lesbian couple and their hatred is rekindled and they fight, but bertram loses and runs away. Then Stewie travels to the past because his rivil is going to destroy Stewies ancestor ( Leonardo da Vinci ) to erase stewie from time. But stewie is able to shoot an arrow in Bertrams head and kill him.

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