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Angela is buds mother , whom died when he was six years old

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Q: Who is Angela caldwell in Bud Not Buddy?
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Who is Angela caldwell from Bud Not Buddy?

its you

What is Bud's mother's name in Bud Not Buddy?

Angela Janett Caldwell

In Bud Not Buddy what is bud's mother's full name?

Angela Janett Caldwell

From Bud Not Buddy what was Buds mothers name?

Angela Janet Caldwell

When was bud Caldwell from Bud Not Buddy born?

Herman E. Caldwell

Who are the main of Bud Not Buddy?

Bud, Herman E. Calloway, The Amos Family , Bugs, Deza Malone, Lefty Lewis, Angela Caldwell , The Dusky Devastators, And Miss Thomas.

What is buds grandfather name in Bud Not Buddy?

Herman E. Caldwell is Bud's Grandfather in Bud Not Buddy (I promise i am not lying)

In Bud Not Buddy What is buds last name?


Who was the bug looking for at the library in Bud Not Buddy?

Bugs was looking for bud caldwell

A fantastic scene for Bud Not Buddy?

Bud Caldwell and Deza Malone Kiss

How do the rocks become a problem in the story Bud Not Buddy?

The rocks become a problem in the story Bud not Buddy, because Herman E. Calloway thinks Bud stole the rocks from Herman. Then, Herman asked Bud how he got the rocks and Bud was forced to say his mothers name Angela Janet Caldwell (The daughter of Herman). I found the information in the book Bud, Not Buddy, a book by Chirstopher Paul Curtis

What is the name of the mom in Bud Not Buddy?

Angela janet calloway