Who is A in season 2 of PLL?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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in none of them yet. if youre pining to know...seach pretty little liars on wiki or read the books.

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Q: Who is A in season 2 of PLL?
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When will the rest of season 2 of PLL start?

January 2012

When is Pretty Little Liars season 2 coming out on DVD?

Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars (PLL) has not aired yet. Season 1 was aired 2 parts like how Glee's 1st season was. Season 2 of PLL premiers on ABC on June 14. You can purchase season 1 at for just under $40 or google it under the shopping link.

Where can i watch pll season 4 episode 21?

You can watch PLL (Pretty Little Liars) season 4, episode 21 at TV Muse.

What episode of PLL do Ezra and Aria tell Aria's parents about them dating?

In Episode 14 of Season 2; "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares"

Where can i watch pll season 4 episode 19?

You can watch it on if you type it on google

Who in Pretty Little Liars says you are getting pieces of her delivered to us?

aria did said that line when they received ali's teeth attached to a necklace, check pll season 3 episode 2 :)

Who is lucas in pll?

Lucas is part of the A team and a boy on pll

What does PLL mean in texting?

PLL Stands for Pretty Little Liars .

What is PLL radio?

Simple said it's a radio receiver with PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) function. Go, for example, to for more info about what is PLL.

Is aria a in pll?

yes,aria is "A" in pll,but she only done it to protect her friends

Which is best website to watch Pretty Little Liars?

The websites can be a bit tricky to use, but there are many different versions of each episode so that you are guaranteed a good quality. Plus, the people rate every version so you can just use the one with 5 stars. OR, IF YOU LIVE IN THE US OR CANADA, YOU CAN BUY THE OFFICIAL SEASON 1 DVD. In the UK PLL is on: MTV - THURSDAYS AT 8pm In America PLL is on: ABC FAMILY - Tuesdays at 8/7c In Canada, PLL is on: MuchMusic In the Philippines PLL is on: ETC - Mondays at 8pm In Spain pll is on: MTV SPAIN - Mondays at 8:20 pm In Austalia, PLL is on: GO! - Mondays at 8:30pm In Croatia PLL is on: Doma TV at 8:45pm In New Zealand PLL is on: TV2 - 5:30pm on Sundays

What does pll skip mean with rubik's cube?

The term PLL is part of a method called "Fridrich" which is used for speed solving the rubik's cube. The method consists of 4 stages: -cross (making a cross in any side of the cube) -F2L (First 2 Layers) -OLL(Orientation of the Last Layer) -PLL (Permutation of the Last Layer) When you have a PLL skip it means that after you finish the OLL the cube is solved.