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No one... yet!

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Q: Who in One Direction is married?
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Is Niall Horan from One Direction married?

No. No member of One Direction is married or engaged.

Who is the girl married to one direction?

There isn't a girl married to any of the One Direction boys.

Do five boy from one direction married yet?

No one in One Direction is married yet although Louis and Zayn have girlfriends.

Who is getting married in one direction?

no one.

Is Harry from One Direction married?


Is Liam from one direction married?


Is Zayn from One Direction married?


Is any one direction members married?

No member is married

Who is married from one direction?

Niall, he's married to me jk none are married

Is adrianna married to zayn on one direction?

Adrianna castillo is married to zayn on one direction and that is a fact and one direction is coming to albany elemantry school in indiana isnt that grate

Who is not married on one direction?

None of them are married but Zayn Malik is engaged.

Is Harry Styles from one direction Married?