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Mr. Utterson :)

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Q: Who identified Sir Danvers Carew's body?
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Who identified Sir Danvers body?

Mr. Utterson :)

Why did the police contact Mr Utterson following the death of Sir Dancers Carew?

They found a letter on the body of Sir Danvers Carew addressed to Mr. Utterson. Why did the police contact Mr. Utterson following the death of Sir Danvers Carew?

What instrument killed sir danvers carew?

mr hyde

Which person disappeared after the murder of sir danvers carew?

mr hyde

Why did police contact Mr Utterson after Sir danvers Carew was murdered?

Police contacted Mr. Utterson because his name and address were found in Sir Danvers Carew's pocket. As Sir Danvers Carew had been murdered, the police believed that Mr. Utterson may have valuable information regarding the incident due to his connection with Dr. Jekyll, who was also linked to the case.

Who witness the murder of sir danver's crew?

Sir Danvers Carew's murder was witnessed by a maid who lived near the scene of the crime. She saw Mr. Hyde, the perpetrator, attack Sir Danvers Carew with a cane and beat him to death. However, the maid was too scared to intervene.

What weapon does mr hyde use to murder sir danvers carew?

Mr. Hyde uses a heavy walking stick or cane to murder Sir Danvers Carew in the novel "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde".

Was Dr. Jekyll depressed over the death of sir danvers?

Yes, Dr. Jekyll felt guilt and remorse over the death of Sir Danvers Carew, as it was the result of his alter ego Mr. Hyde's violent actions. This event added to the inner conflict and turmoil within Dr. Jekyll, contributing to his mental distress and unhappiness.

Which noble gas was identified in 1894?

Argon was identified in 1894 in Scotland by Sir William Ramsay & Baron Rayleigh

Who is sir danvers carew in the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Sir Danvers Carew is a respected member of society in "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson. He is a Member of Parliament and a client of Mr. Utterson, one of the main characters in the novella. Sir Danvers Carew is brutally murdered by Mr. Hyde, a moment that shocks the community and adds to the mystery surrounding the dual nature of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Who is Sir Danvers Carew and how is he described?

Sir Danvers Carew is a character from Robert Louis Stevenson's novella "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde." He is described as a well-respected and honorable Member of Parliament, serving as a foil to the sinister and depraved Mr. Hyde. Carew's murder by Hyde serves as a turning point in the story, highlighting the destructive consequences of Jekyll's experiments.

What did Sir ernest Rutherford do?

He identified the alpha particle as a helium atom and used it in postulating the existence of the atomic nucleus.