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Well, all the ghosts of the people who died in the room are stuck there (like the lady in the 50's-style skirt who keeps jumping out the window, and the sewing machine company guy who slit his own throat and then tried to stitch it back together).

But the main thing that haunts the room -- the evil presence -- is not a ghost. Ghosts used to be human, and the thing that haunts 1408 was never human. Rather, it's an evil force, just an evil presence. As Sam Jackson's character, Mr. Olin, says, "It's an evil ****ing room." Exactly what it is and where it came from is never revealed, because it's a lot scarier when things like this are left unexplained.

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Q: Who haunted the room in the movie 1408?
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What is the basic general plot of the film 1408?

The film 1408 is a horror movie about an author who is skeptical about ghosts and writes books debunking them. He finds out about a haunted hotel room, goes there to write about it and ends up getting haunted.

Was the room 1408 in the dolphin hotel really haunted?

Yes, but certainly not as horrific as the wonderful Steven King shirt story.

What is the name of the movie where this guy goes into a haunted hotel room and his daughter died of cancer and he stay there for a while and weird things keep happenening?

isn't it 1408? here's a movie trailer

Was the movie 1408 based on a true story?

No. Actually, the story started out as nothing more than a writing exercise Stephen King did. He said that every writer should write at least one haunted hotel story, and "1408" is what he himself came up with.

What is the room called that visitors claim have ghost?


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Was the movie 1408 real?

no it's not real

What was the John cusack movie with ghosts?

It is called 1408.

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What happens at the end of the movie 1408?

You're referring to the alternate ending of 1408, now available on the two disc version of the DVD. In this ending writer Mike Enslin has died setting fire to room 1408. He is buried and then is seen in the room where he hears his daughter's voice calling him and says "yes, of course", not "well done". Mike then walks back into the destroyed room 1408 and, ghost-like, fades through the door. This is meant to show that he is merely surveying the destruction of the room, not that he has himself become trapped within it, and is now leaving to be with his daughter. In the original ending the firefighters force entry into the room and rescue Enslin as he curls under the coffee-table, delighted that the room is dying. Enslin recovers in a New York hospital, Lily at his bedside. He swears that he saw Katie, but Lily refuses to believe him. After his recovery, Enslin moves back in with Lily, beginning work on a new novel that has nothing to do with his previous cheap haunted sites series. While sorting through a box of items from his night in 1408, Enslin comes across his mini cassette recorder. After some difficulty he manages to get the tape to play; it begins with Enslin's dictation of 1408's appearance, but cuts in with audio from his interaction with the apparition of his daughter. Lily freezes in shock as she hears her dead daughter's voice coming from the tape recorder, and the film closes on Enslin meeting her shocked stare with one of grim vindication.