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John Cena has held the wwe title in 10 different reigns as champion

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John Cena - 10 Times

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Ric flair

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Q: Who has won the most WWE championships?
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How many titles has edge won?

Edge has won a total of 36 Titels (31 in WWE/WCW) 12 WWE World Tagteam Championships 2 WWE Tagteam championships 4 WWE Championships 7 Worldheavyweight championships 1 US Championship 5 Intercontinental championship he's also a 1 time Southern states wrestling tagteam champion (with christian) 1 Outlaw championchip wrestling tagteam championship (with Pschyco joe sampson) 1 ICW midwest unified tag team championship (/Pshycho joe sampson) 2 ICW tag team championships (/Christian)

How many times has mick foley won the WWE championships?

1 million times hes the best wrestler ever

How many belts has cm punk won in WWE?

john cena has won the wwe championship 4 times the wwe world heavyweightchampionship 3 times and the world tag team 2 times(with HBK Shawn michaels)Well actually no john cena know has 14 championships in all 4 time world heavyweight champion 2 time tag team (world) and 8 wwe championships.he won 4 dam wwe championships as a passionate guy for wrestlingwwe championship 7 and world heavyweight championship 23-4 timesHe is Currently a 12 Time World Champion But After Survivor Series If He Wins Then he Will be A 13 Time World Champion

How many championships has cm punk won?

2x WWE Championships (Current Holder) 3x World Heavyweight Championships 1x Intercontinental Championship 1x World Tag Team Championship 1x ECW Championship Wrestlemania XXIV Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner Wrestlemania XXV Money in the Bank Winner Raw Comentator Made on:September 14 2012

What is the article about?

Its About Fighting Other People Who Had Joined The WWE. Sometimes They Fight Other People To Win Championships. They Get Championships Like "World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontanal Champion, WWE Champion, And World Lightweight Champion. And This Is What The WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Is About.

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Who has won the most championships in WWE?

big show jerico

Who won the most worldhevayweight championships wwe?

Batista (282 days)

Who won the most no of WWE championships in WWE?

triple HHH with 8 and john cena with 7 randy orton with 6 and edge with 4

What championships has Zack ryder won in the WWE?

tag team championship

Who has the most WWE world heavy weight championships?

Former WWE superstar Edge has had the WWE World Heavyweight belt for the most reigns a total of 7, having the belt a combined days of 409.

WWE What WWE championships has hornswoggle won?

Only the cruiser weight title and it's not much of a title but he also won the Royal Rumble.

What are some of the championships won by Misterio?

Some championships won by Professional wrestler Rey Mysterio include the European World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE World Cruiser Weight Championship and the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Which course has held the most championships?


How many wwe championships has john cena won?

Combined,as of October 2010,14

How many times has macho man randy savage been WWE champion?

Macho man never won a world championship with WWE. He won 2 WWF Championships and WCW world championships 4 times!

How many championships has WWE superstar john cena won?

Combined,as of October 2010,14

Who has held the most championships in WWE?

ric flair