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50 cent has way more money then Jay Z. he made 150 million off vitamin water alone. plus he has watches by Jacob, cologne, clothes, movies and Video Games, plus he gets paid for all his record sales and a percentage of everybodies that's signed to his label.

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Q: Who has more money jayz or 50 cent?
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Who has more money 50 Cent or Master P?

50 Cent has more money.

Who has more money t.i or 50 cent?

50 cent

Who make more money 50 cent or ludacris?

50 cent

Who has more money 50 cents or mayweather?

50 cent has more money...

Who has more money birdman or 50 cent?

50 Cent rab says so!

Who has more money lil wayne and 50 cent?

50cent has more money

Who has more money lil wayne or 50 cent?

50 centLil Wayne is because he makes songs and get money 50 cent don't make as much

Who has more money pdiddy or 50 cent?


Who has more money Beyonce or 50 cent?


Who got more money lil wanye or 50?

lil wanye has more money than 50 cent

Do 50 cent have more money then jay Z?

hell no

Who has more money 50cent or mayweather?

The rapper 50 Cent has more money.Mayweather has a reported net worth of $115 Million.(See related link below.)50 Cent has a reported net worth of $260 Million.