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You're thinking of Elvis Costello.

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Q: Who has covered the song she by Charles aznevour?
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Who covered Georgia by Ray Charles?

Michael Bolton covered Georgia on my Mind, originally sung by Ray Charles.

Who covered the spinners song its a shame?

the "spinners" covered this song written by Stevie wonder

When was Charles Guiteau - song - created?

Charles Guiteau - song - was created in 1882.

When was Ray Charles - song - created?

Ray Charles - song - was created on 2011-11-14.

Who covered the song Hard Sun and what year was it released?

The song Hard Sun was covered by an artist by the name of Eddie Vedder. He is the singer for the band Pearl Jam, and he covered the song for the movie Into the Wild. The song was released on September 18, 2007 on the movie's soundtrack.

Who covered the song she's not there?


When was La Bohème - Charles Aznavour song - created?

La Bohème - Charles Aznavour song - was created in 1965.

What is the most covered song of all time?

The song "Yesterday" written by Paul McCartney originally performed by The Beatles is the most covered song according to Guiness Book Of World Records.

Who song the original version of Bells will be ringing?

The song is actually called, "Please Come Home for Christmas" and was released in 1960, by the American blues singer and pianist Charles Brown.The song was written by Charles Brown and Gene Redd and reached number 76 on the Billboard charts, in the US, in December 1960. It appeared in the Christmas Singles chart for nine of the next 12 years, reaching number 1 in 1972.The song was subsequently covered by numerous diverse artists - most notably The Eagles, in 1978 and has provided Christmas hit singles for various country artists in recent years.

Which beatles song is believed to be the most covered song of all time?


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A song that is song with a group at people's doorsteps. The book by Charles Dickens about Scrooge's tranformation.