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Q: Who has bigger breasts ayesha takia or divya dutta?
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What is the bra size of divya dutta?

divya dutta bra size is 34D.

When was Divya Dutta born?

Divya Dutta was born on September 25, 1977, in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

Is divya dutta hot?


Which Bollywood actress has biggest breast?

Some Bollywood actress with large breasts are: Ayesha Takia Uske Chuchi ka size 38 Hoga

What is the divya dutta breast size?

may be 44 !

Who is in mosquito advertisement divya dutta or vidya balan?

Its Vidya Balan

Who is the actress in sarita chadha reviera bluetoth addvertisement?

divya dutta

What is Divya Dutta famous for?

Divya Dutta is an Indian actress. She is famous for her Hindi and Punjabi films. She acted in more than sixty roles in the Indian film industry. She also acted in two international films.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kambakht Ishq - Ittefaq - 2002?

The cast of Kambakht Ishq - Ittefaq - 2002 includes: Divya Dutta Kay Kay Menon

What actors and actresses appeared in Maya Namara - 2002?

The cast of Maya Namara - 2002 includes: Divya Dutta as Special Appereance Rajesh Hamal Amrit Lama

What actors and actresses appeared in Shaadi Ka Laddoo - 2004?

The cast of Shaadi Ka Laddoo - 2004 includes: Samita Bangargi as Meneka Mandira Bedi as Tara Aashish Chaudhary as Ravi Kapur Divya Dutta as Geetu Negar Khan Sanjay Suri as Som Dutta

What actors and actresses appeared in Traffic - 2014?

The cast of Traffic - 2014 includes: Manoj Bajpayee as Godbole Prasenjit Chatterjee as Dev Kapoor Parambrata Chatterjee as Dr. Abel Divya Dutta as Maya Amol Parashar as Rajeev Jimmy Shergill as Gurbir Singh Divya Unny as Mrs. Godbole