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Kelly Kelly to smackdown

Chris Jerico to raw

Kofi Kingston to smackdown

EDGE to raw

Big Show to smackdown

John Morrison to raw

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โˆ™ 2010-04-29 16:21:24
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Q: Who got drafted at the WWE 2010 draft?
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Is rey mysterio going to raw in the WWE draft?

Rey Mysterio got drafted to RAW in the WWE Draft.

Will Jeff hardy be drafted at the 2008 draft?

yeah. he got drafted by smackdown

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Who got drafted twice for WWE in 2011?

John Cena. He was drafted to Smackdown and then drafted back to Raw.

Who got drafted on WWE draft last Monday?

Smack Down PicksCm PunkKaneChris JerichoMelinaRey MysterioRaw PicksMatt HardyTriple HBig ShowMVPMaryseThe MizEcw PickVladimir Kozlof

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no i don't think so, and the only reason she got released is because when wwe draft 2009 was held Candice Michelle was drafted and nothing was heard from her therefore the wwe had no choice but to release her

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Who is going to be on Raw in the WWE draft 2009 huh?

This is the answer I Got PEOPLE DRAFTED TO RAW: WWE Champ Triple H U.S. Champ MVP Big Show Edge Matt Hardy The Miz Diva Champ Marisse < don't know how to spell^

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