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Danny Z. and Sandy O.

Danny and Cha Cha

Rizzo and Kenickie

Frenchie and Sonny

Marty and Vince

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Q: Who goes out with who in Greece the movie?
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Is the Disney movie Hercules set in ancient Greece before 500 AD?

Yes the movie Hercules was set in Greece before 500 AD

What is the Clash of Titans?

a movie about the titans of ancient Greece

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Sounds like "Never on Sunday" from the movie of the same name (1960) starring Melina Mercouri, filmed in Greece. Internet Movie Database uses its original Greek title but you can find it anyway.

What was Greece famous of?

Greece is famous for its beautiful beaches,its movie popularity,art and buildings,and ALOT MORE!!

Which canal goes from Pelopponese Peninsula to Greece?

The Corinth Channel is located between the mainland of Greece and the Pelopponese, which is also a part of Greece, but no longer mainland since this channel was dug.

Where does the movie mamma mia take place?

Greece I think?

What country did the movie Hercules take place?

The movie "Hercules" is set in ancient Greece. It follows the story of the legendary hero Hercules, who is tasked with regaining his status as a hero after losing his family and his reputation.

Where does Lena travel to in the book The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

Lena goes to Greece

Who played Danny in Greece?

No one. Greece is a country in Europe. I assume you mean the movie Grease. John Travolta played Danny.

Did the movie For your Eyes Only feature a scene from Meteora in Greece?


What is the factual account of xerxes invasion of Greece?

Not the version from the movie 300