Who gives money to merchant?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a rich person

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Q: Who gives money to merchant?
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What is another word for someone who gives money to merchant?


What are merchant providers for?

It is important for a store or business to utilize a merchant provider as it gives them the ability to process debit and credit card payments. Some examples of merchant providers include Merchant Warehouse, Merchant One, Chase Paymentech, and Flagship Merchant Services.

Who is the merchant of Venice?

Although Shylock is the best-known character from the play, Shylock is not a merchant. He is a usurer-which is the only job Jews were allowed to have in Venice back then. A usurer is a person who lends money and makes money from it by charging interest. The merchant in The Merchant of Venice is Antonio. A merchant sells and trades.

How much money did The Merchant of Venice gross worldwide?

The Merchant of Venice grossed $18,765,585 worldwide.

What is the opposite of affiliate?

The opposite to affiliate is merchant. A merchant has a product that they want to sell and make money and an affiliate is someone who promotes the merchants products and earns a commission.

Do the merchant lose the money if the customer use stolen credit card?

Yes, assuming the victim discovers the problem and reports it. It's called a "charge back" and if too many are accrued to a merchant, that merchant not only loses all the money that was stolen but will also lose the "merchant account" and not be allowed to take credit cards any longer.

What kind of an account is a merchant account?

A merchant account is an bank account used for transferring money, involving business transactions. For example, a merchant account can be linked with Paypal, which can be used on eBay for business.

How do pirates make money?

They steal it from merchant ships and capture people

What is the main reason for an Ecommerce Merchant Account?

The main advantage and reason for an Ecommerce Merchant Account is that this account type gives an opportunity to process online credit card payments.

Who is scrooge and what does he do in Christmas Carol?

He is the main character and he is a merchant, landlord and money lender

Who is the richest merchant in oblivion?

if your killing him for the money may i recomend the kings and queens

What did the merchants of Venice do to their money?

They did all the usual things people do with money: earned it, saved it, spent it, loaned it, invested it, and left it in their wills. The Merchant of Venice in Shakespeare's play is Antonio, who was in a cash flow bind because he had invested all of his money. Shylock was not a merchant; he was a moneylender.