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Nialler has blue eyes.

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Q: Who from one direction has blue eyes?
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What color eyes has neill?

If you're referring to Niall Horan of One Direction, his eyes are blue.

Is niall the only member in one direction to have blue eyes?

No Louis does also

Do one direction all have brown eyes?

Nope. Only 2/5 do. Harry; Green Eyes Louis; Blue Eyes Niall; Blue Eyes Liam; Brown Eyes Zayn; Brown Eyes

What colour eyes does Louis tomkinslon have?

Do you mean Louis Tomlinson? From One Direction? If so, Louis has blue eyes

What is the color of eyes of One Direction?

Niall: Blue, Louis: Blue, Zayn:Brown, Liam: Brown and Harry: Green :)

What is the color of one direction's eyes?

Niall: Blue, Louis: Blue, Zayn:Brown, Liam: Brown and Harry: Green :)

Which one direction boys like girl with blue eyes?

Liam James Payne (:

What Colour eyes do One Direction have?

Harry- Green Louis-blue Niall-blue Liam-brown Zayn-brown

What does Liam from one direction like in a girl?

he likes girls named Cameron and Emily and Courtney blond and blue eyes

What do the dream girls of One Direction look like?

They have said to like girls with light brown hair and blue eyes!!

Does any of the one direction boys have brown eyes?

Yes, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Harry Styles has green eyes, and Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson both have blue eyes.

What is Louis Tomlinson specific eye color?

Well according to the internet.. he has a hazel typed green eye! nationally rare!