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Cher did a famous cover. Other artists that have released covers of this track include:

Calle Kristiansson

Doc Holiday

Eddie Harrison

John Tesh



Lori Johnson

Maurice Williams

Michael Ball

Paul Anka

Share & Share Alike (Cher tribute act)

Skott Freedman

Stage Door Players

The Nashville All-Stars

Tony Hadley

Uschi Wiese


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Marc Cohen has stated that over the years he has found inspiration through his spiritual beliefs and has publically stated his thanks. The singer is well known for the song titled "Walking in Menthis".

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Q: Who else has performed Walking In Memphis by Marc Cohen?
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The song, Walking in Memphis, was written and first performed by Marc Cohn. Cher and the group, Lone Star both recorded the song also.

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"Walking in Memphis" is the signature song of American singer-songwriter Marc Cohn

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