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Well When B.I.G. Married Faith Evans Their Relationship was supposed to be over... but he continued to sleep with her and he continued to do so until Faith And B.I.G. Divorced (Because Of B.I.G. Beating Her) And Their Relationship Continued Until After B.I.G.'s Car Accident Where Lil Kim Is Tired Of Being A Secondary Woman. And After Much Cursing The Two Went Their Ceperate Ways. But Technicaly Lil Kim Ended It.

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Biggie dumped Kim for Faith Evans. He married Faith and they had a baby then he cheated on her and they got divorced. U can watch the movie called Notorious about Biggie's life. It's a great one!!

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Q: Who dump who lil kim or biggie smalls?
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What type of relations did lil kim and biggie smalls have?

Lil Kim and Biggie Smalls had an intimate relationship but she was also his protege..he helped her realize that she had mad rhymes.

Did Lil Kim date Biggie Smalls?

Yes they dated he is the one that put her on the map. They were still messing around here and there after he was with Faith

Better rapper Lil wayne or biggie smalls?

lil wayne

Did biggie smalls ever date a white woman?

Yes he did he always used to brake up and join

Is biggie smalls music better than Lil Wayne's music?

I think its a tie. Lil Wayne is the best rapper in the game and Biggie was the best that the rap game that ever heard.

What is biggie's mom name?

im not sure but i think its Lil Kim ^ are you dumb? he used to DATE lil Kim, Volette Wallace is the actual answer

What two rapper were killed in a drive by shooting?

Tupoc Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls a.k.a. Notorious B.I.G.

Who was biggie smalls best baby mama?

Biggie was married to singer Faith Evans before he was dead.

Is Lil Cease Biggie cousin?

Lil Cease Big Cease All Cease Is Cousin Biggie Small Small Small Tiny Biggie Smallie Cease Lil Biggie?

Whose better lil Wayne or Biggie smalls?

Lil Wayne is a much better rapper then biggie smalls, as he raps about his life and some other things such as sex, women, drugs (kush) and other weird things.... The music of the past 3 century's is a lot better and makes a lot more sense even though its sometimes about drugs and other crap.... Biggie smalls' lyrics have always been about random crap, unlike Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne has won loads of Grammys, and has been nominated and voted as the best rapper of the last 3-4 years... Some people think Lil Wayne doesn't write his own lyrics because of some of his song lyrics such as 'A millie'..... He doesn't write his lyrics because (quoting) 'I really am it (as in the music, a tattoo shown on the top left of his forehead). The only thing is Lil Wayne has a ghost writer, which means he doesn't write anything. Biggie at least makes his own lyrics, which makes him a better rapper.

Who is the best rap artist?

There isn't just one. Short list. Eazy Muthaphukkin' E Tupac Shakur The Notorious B.I.G (Biggie Smalls) Lil' Boosie Some of the worst so called "rappers". Eminem Lil' Wayne Kanye West

Can anyone beat Lil Wayne?

No one alive at the moment can beat lil Wayne. He is up there with the greats like Tupac and Biggie Smalls Lyrical geniuses! 1.2pac 1.B.I.G. 2.Nas 3.Rakim 4. Jay-Z 5. Eminem Lil Wayne maybe takes the 10th spot in the coutdown. Weezy should never be compared to PAC and biggie nor should anyone else for that matter.