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Q: Who does the voice over for Nick Jr?
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Who does the voice of Nick Jr's Face?

Voice over actor Chris Phillips.

Who does the voice of Henry on the Nick Jr program Oswald?


Who plays little bill voice on nick jr?

Xavier Pritchett

Who plays Olivia voice on nick jr?

Emily Gray does the voice of Olivia

Why does Blue on the Nick Jr cartoon BLUES CLUES have a girllike tone of voice?

On Blue's Clues, Blue is a girl.

Who is the voice of Moose on Nick Jr?

it sounds like harry hill! aka Mark Hall

Who owns nick jr?

MTV owns Nick Jr.

When was Nick Jr. created?

Nick Jr. was created in 1999.

What actors and actresses appeared in Catch Phrase - 1986?

The cast of Catch Phrase - 1986 includes: Charles Foster as Himself - Voice Over Nick Jackson as Himself - Voice Over Chris Jarvis as Himself - Voice Over Stephen Mulhern as Himself - Presenter Ted Robbins as Himself - Voice Over Nick Weir as Himself - Presenter

Who plays the voice of Olivia's Dad on the Nick Jr TV Show Olivia?

hey olivia i am 8 yeas old how old are you

Is that Paul Rudd's voice on iPhone ad?

The person who does the voice over for the I Phone 3g is Robert Downy Jr.

When was Nick Jr. Rocks created?

Nick Jr. Rocks was created in 1988.